Signal Building: application pickup TODAY until Nov 21st only!

In Artist Studio Space Available, Opportunities, Property Available for Rent on November 9, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Signal Building Artist Lofts
South Boston

Affordable unit application pick-up dates are listed below.

South Boston. 154 West Second Street

Rent Range: $1,372 -4,000/month

The Signal Building comprises approximately 97,000 square feet in a U shaped building with 100 parking spaces located at 154 West Second Street, South Boston, MA.  These units are designed to accommodate a broad range of working styles.

9 Units # of Units

Type Rent Income Limit
4 1 Bed Lofts* $1327 Up to 80%
3 Studios $1137 Up to 80%
1 1 bed $1327 Up to 80%
1 2 bed $1517 Up to 80%


 Maximum Income Per Household Size HH size 80
1 $ 51,400
2 $ 58,750
3 $ 66,100
4 $ 73,450
5 $ 79,300
6 $ 85,200

Applications must be picked up in person only from

N&P Associates, LLC, 154 West Second Street, South Boston, MA 02127:

Sunday November 15, 2010, 10am-Noon

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday November 16-21, 2010, Noon-5pm

Late hours and informational meeting Thursday November 18, 2010, 2-7pm

Deadline for completed applications at the above address:

In Person by 4pm, Tuesday November 30, 2010 or postmarked that day.

Selection by lottery.

Asset, Use & Occupancy Restrictions apply.

1 accessible unit has a preference for disabled households requiring the accessibility features.

*4 units have a preference for BRA certified artists.

Preference for Boston Residents, and for Households with at least one person per bedroom.  For more information or reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, call Peter Zagorianakos, N&P Associates, LLC  | 617-875-5724

Equal Housing Opportunity

  1. How I’d love to consider this. My income is 54,000 (Take home is 45,600).
    The market price at Midway plus the parking is making me crazy trying to pay the rent and other things.

    Too bad.

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