Rewind: The Former Fort Point Artists Show

In Art We Like on September 13, 2010 at 4:32 pm

27 Artists from the past 35 Years

Through September 17th at ART at 12

When artists first began moving into the Fort Point Channel section of Boston they were true pioneers, showing the way for communities nationwide to rejuvenate old manufacturing properties for use as art studios and meccas. The Fort Point neighborhood with its warehouses and lofts, has been home to thousands of artists since approximately 1975. They left for a variety of reasons – from falling in love to displacement by development. Many of these trendsetters will return for this show Aug. 1- Sept. 17.

Harry Bernard, Rebecca Bennett, Terri Boutelle, Kathy Chapman, Michael Costello, Deborah Davidson, Gretchen Ewert, Tania Rubec Giametti, Ian Henderson, Johannes Horn, Jane Hudson, Gina Kamentsky, Roger Kizik, Lara Loutrel, Seth Marois, Hally McGehean, Staci Mckeown, Ralph Mercer, Ruth Mordecai, John Murray, Danny O’Connor, Lou Pesce, Alexandra Rozenman, Harriet Casdin Silver, Bradford Spavin, Chris Sproat, Sheffield Van Buren

Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday 11am-4pm

additional hours for special events
12 Farnsworth Street, just off Congress


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