Lofts at Westinghouse

In Artist Studio Space Available, Property Available for Sale on July 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm

I met with the Developer of the Lofts at Westinghouse yesterday.  They updated us that they plan to advertise the affordable artist units for sale in September, 2010.

Now is a good time to make sure your BRA Artist Certificate is current, and to look into mortgage financing and what kind of mortgage loan you can afford.  Questions?  Call us.

There are artists who have already bought market-rate artist units in the building, and the work-only spaces on the second floor sold up very quickly to artists and creative types.  (Is work-only studio space for sale a good option for artists?  Should we be encouraging more of it?  Let us know!)  Reports we hear from those artists are positive about the building!

The developer is continuing a regular schedule of Open Houses, if you haven’t visited this building yet.

  1. I know I’ve raised the issue before, but it’d be nice to see affordable artist live-in spaces for RENT, not for sale. If I could afford to buy a place, ANY place, I would’ve done it by now.

    • There will be affordable rental artist lofts advertised at the Signal Building soon. The Signal units won’t be the most affordable in the portfolio of artist units that have been created through this initiative: according to plans set to be amended and approved by the BRA on Tuesday, July 20th they will be priced for households whose incomes are at 90% or less of Area Median Income: $1,373/month. The lottery for these units is anticipated to be advertised in early fall, and if you get updates from us you will get a notice. If you are looking for lower rents, there are 50% AMI units at Midway Studios–you may need to get on a waiting list.

      We are working to support the creation of more artist units (especially rental but also ownership) at deeper levels of affordability. It’s not easy! But every day we are inspired by artists’ creativity and hard work to put the right pieces together to reach this goal. And we look for developers who have the right skills, resources and committment to the job.

  2. yes – would love to see work only artist studios! – westinghouse is the only ones i’ve seen and they had no windows!

  3. I would like like a work only space to buy. The Work only spaces at Westinghouse were great, except for the fact that the windows don’t open.

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