Kopkind/CID Filmmakers Retreat Seminars, Invitation

In Opportunities on May 11, 2010 at 9:04 am

Sunday August 1st -August 8th
Tree Frog Farm, Guilford Vermont

The Center for Independent Documentary (CID) and the Kopkind Center are sponsoring this week-long retreat limited to nine filmmakers along with special invited guests at Treefrog Farm in Guilford Vermont from August 1st (Sunday is a travel day) to Sunday, August 8th.

Each year we pick a theme that threads through our morning seminar sessions and that feeds our viewing and discussions in the evening. This year our theme is: YOU!

Yes, this is all about YOU! At a time when you’ll hear everyone say that everything is possible and nothing is working, and you feel overwhelmed by everything you have to learn and know to make your film, this is the week to finally take the time to assess what filmmaking is to you and what it will take to make you succeed on your terms.

Join us to explore “YOU”, get the tools you need to succeed, and recharge your creative battery with some of Kopkind/CID’s special brand of “radical relaxation: great food, great films and deep discussions on the art, politics and the plain fun of filmmaking.

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