Temporary Public Art Installation Request for Proposals

In Calls to Artists on February 19, 2010 at 6:01 pm

ConstellationCenter, Cambridge, Massachusetts, announces a Request for Proposals for a Temporary Public Art Installationon the ConstellationCenter’s lot, located at Third Street and Kendall Street in Kendall Square. This property will be the future home of ConstellationCenter—a performing arts center combining the highest standards of production and performance excellence, with multiple venues for film, music, opera, dance, and drama. Before construction on the property begins, ConstellationCenter designers wish to offer the area to artists for a public art display.

Individuals or teams may submit proposals featuring any form of sculpture or installation, provided the work will be safe and stable outdoors. We are looking primarily for completed or nearly completed work for display for a six (6) month period, although new work can be submitted if completion before the installation deadline is assured. ConstellationCenter will select three (3) to five (5) sculptures or installations. Proposed art work must be surface-mounted only, as no sub-surface excavation or disturbance is permitted. Installations must not disturb, inconvenience, or interrupt the nearby residents or building occupants.

Though there are no size requirements, a good rough guideline is that work should be appropriate for viewing from the edge of the lot.The interior section of lot available for the installation is about 35,000 square feet with rough dimensions of 223′ x 179′ x 239′ x 146′. Upon request, ConstellationCenter will provide a site plan showing the area where artists may place installations within the lot.In the event that ConstellationCenter deems no submitted proposal suitable, it reserves the right to delay declaring a winner, re-open the RFP, and/or cancel the project.

Proposals must include:
Artist biography and resume;
Portfolio of past works;
If the work is currently complete: photographs and brief written description of the work;
If the work is currently incomplete: illustration and written description of proposed work, photographs of any partially completed work, timetable for completion.

March 1, 2010 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time: Deadline for proposal submission.
March 20, 2010: ConstellationCenter will announce the results of proposal evaluation.
June 1, 2010: Art must be installed and completed on site.

Public Art Installation Budget (per selected work): $3,000 for a six (6) month period. This budget is comprehensive of costs required for installation and removal from the site. ConstellationCenter will cover insurance and permitting costs. ConstellationCenter will return the work to the artist at the end of the installation.

How to Submit: Please send proposal to ConstellationCenter will accept PDF and MS Word files, as well as links to online portfolios.

Questions: Please contact Graham Wright, Project Curator, at or 617-970-8232.

More about ConstellationCenter
Planning for the ConstellationCenter has involved years of meticulous and extensive research and development, focusing on the needs of artists and audience members, theatre construction, sound design, and performance space. Upon completion, the Center will serve as a venue for a host of Boston-based cultural organizations, as well as an internationally recognized center for performing arts groups from all over the world. For more information about the ConstellationCenter and its activities, please visit

sent for posting by Shiba Nemat-Nasser, MIT Sloan School

  1. Keep me on the list please.

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